What we do...


We transform how you and your organisation works.


An independent, innovative workplace strategy & design studio across the UK, Europe and Australia. ANN blends ‘Strategy Thinking’ with ‘Environmental Design’ to create resilient & future-ready workplaces.


Our innovative approach brings together unique elements of ‘Design Thinking’, ‘Business Strategy’ and ‘Interior Architecture’. These elements are traditionally offered separately, despite their real-world integration and the impact on each other.


ANN’s diverse specialization, dynamic model and approach give us a greater overview with objectivity and foresight. This enables ANN to deliver efficient joined-up thinking for best results, whether utilizing one or a combination of elements.





Let's create 


Strategy & Execution are two of our favourite words, we believe that no strategy should be created without key steps on how to get there.

  • Organisation Vision / Goal Setting

  • Human Centered Design

  • Agile and Innovative teams

  • Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Ways of Working Playbook definition

  • Business Model Shifts (Digital & Physical) 

  • Business growth planning


Borderless thinking allows us to design your space with strong distinct interior and brand identities, based on research & creative innovation that exceed clients expectations. 

  • Determine what needed to change: Culture, Technology and Space

  • Analyse working patterns based on roles/ functions.

  • Visualise new workplace

  • Use work mode modelling to build scenarios

  • Plan and prototype the space requirements

  • Green office design

  • Develop detailed initiatives and business case with Ecosystem of partners 


We know that at the moment many businesses are in remote-working mode. However, we also understand that your workspace needs are likely to change as your business evolves.

  • Sustainable Product sourcing

  • Product support for home workers

  • Workplace sustainable product design & development*

  • Technology Integration & Support

*services maybe provided by ANN Partner