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We’re always on the lookout for partners committed to doing better, whether you’re a design house innovating waste-free products or a manufacturer with an exceptional commitment to reducing your imprint. 


Right now we’re proud to be working with:


Planq is a trailblazing Dutch design studio creating timeless furniture incorporating innovative, luxurious materials made from waste. Founded by twin brothers Anton and Dennis Teeuw, named one of the Sustainable Young 100 innovators in the Netherlands, Planq bridges the gap between environmental consciousness and contemporary design.

.Planq is equally committed to taking a ruthless approach to meeting the standards of a circular economy approach while creating beautiful products that are both functional and distinctive in style.


Planq creates stunning off-the-shelf furniture collections and works with industry partners to collaborate on customised co-designs and special projects.


Donar is an award-winning Slovenian design house fundamentally committed to innovating, implementing, and promoting circular economy concepts to create contemporary sustainably produced furniture that in itself inspires change. 


Donar takes the relationship between design and social impact and puts this at the core of everything they do, obliterating the myth that there has to be a choice between the economy and the environment: why not make the environment our economy?


Donar designs are state-of-the-art, striking, and purposeful, proving that social responsibility can represent the best of both aesthetic and practical originality.

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