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We are A New Normal

ANN Future Workplaces was born out of frustration with an industry stuck in old unsustainable attitudes and drowning in greenwash. Adding a slightly upcycled table to your boardroom doesn't make you 'better'. It's part of the problem. Things need to change BIG TIME.

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Our Story

We founded ANN with the intention of boldly showing businesses where they had the opportunity to change. We wanted to provide immediate solutions for workplace interiors by partnering with some of the most progressive sustainable and circular furniture designers in Europe but we also wanted to be able to share knowledge, curiosity, and expertise to help shift the entire industry towards a circular model.

We need to ditch the old make - use - dispose manufacturing model and take bold, progressive steps to remodel it into a circular system where waste is eliminated, resources are regenerated, and materials are infinitely recovered and reused.


From furniture that is ingenious in both style and substance to entire interior solutions that prove creative, conscious design is the most exciting thing in this industry right now, we’re on it. 


Recycling, upcycling, carbon-neutralising – they mean nothing unless you’re absolutely committed to finding a truly better way.


And we are.


We’re risk-takers, and the results are worth it.


We’ve taken on the interiors industry and challenged it to be better. It’s a challenge that requires a rebellious attitude and the courage to flip the tired-and-trusted methods of the old world on their head. We’re not afraid to push boundaries. We’re not afraid of surprises and discoveries. This is the space where change happens.


We knock on doors, knock down doors, we open avenues and we run down them fast. We make things happen that makes things better and we’re doing this quickly because it needs to happen now.


From the everyday to the revolutionary, we’re ready to talk.

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